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Exciting news for Spring 2024! Tea Lane Associates becomes exclusive members for Martha's Vineyard, of Forbes Global Properties - International Real Estate Network representing the best of luxury real estate across the USA and the world. 

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UPDATED Feb 2023

Selling your home can be an emotional, and difficult decision to make and one that must be considered carefully. We pride ourselves on being an independent firm and that building personal connections with our clients we can truly strive to meet their expectations.

The answer (in 2020) is almost EVERYTHING !

The real estate market on Martha’s Vineyard slowed in the first half of 2019. Total sales fell 19% from 270 in the first half of 2018 to 218 in the first half of 2019. Total dollar volume fell 12% over the same period from $329.6mm in 2018 to $288.5mm in 2019. Average price rose 8% from $1.22mm in 2018 to $1.32mm in 2019.  

Market News - Low inventory for the first half of 2018 meant it was a sellers market.

An exceptional 4-acre waterfront property in Aquinnah with private beach, high-end house, guesthouse, and beautiful gardens and grounds, 3 & 5 Skippers View sold on 2/3/15 for $6,500,000. This sets a new high for real estate transactions in this remote, western-most town on Martha's Vineyard. The previous highest priced property sale was 14 Moshup Trail which sold in July 2009 for $3,600,000 and was combined with a $400,000 beach lot for a total of $4,000,000. The house at 14 Moshup was rebuilt after this purchase. This level of investment is somewhat new for the town, but not isolated.  Several other property owners in the area are invested in this range. Skippers View just happens to be the first to sell. As more buyers begin to understand the tranquility of Aquinnah, along with the beach and water access on all sides (it’s almost an island of its own), we may see this investment trend continue.  

One of the gratifying aspects of being in real estate on the Vineyard is watching new home owners plunge into island life. Often focused on making changes to their new property, they need recommendations for builders, landscapers, or painters, and have an excited energy in making the property “theirs”.