September Sigh: The Bittersweet End of Summer


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September Sigh: The Bittersweet End of Summer

September rolled in with Tropical Storm Hermine and we concluded summer 2016, with a turbulent Labor Day weekend. We were treated to some amazing sunsets before the storm, Fridays being one of the most spectacular that I've ever seen. Then Saturday brought travel advisories that sent vacationers into a bit of a panic for fear of being stuck, and the Steamship Authority struggled to get people off the island.

Some folks cut their vacation short and left early, but those who know just how these storms can take a turn, were prepared to hedge their bets and hunker in rather than loose one more hour on their beloved vacation isle. 

In fact, there were very few ferry cancellations and service was on a trip by trip basis on Monday afternoon, so all in all Tropical Storm Hermine caused very little excitement to most – except that is,  for the kite boarders and surfers who were camped out at Squibnocket and Bells point!

Hermine actually gave the year round island population a chance to regroup and breathe that familiar September sigh of relief (and disbelief) that another summer had come to an end.  It was just the caretakers, contractors, harbor masters and boat owners, who had to batten down in anticipation for what might come our way.

photo credit Michael Blanchard

Now the calm after the storm, and the island has had it's thirst well and truly quenched after the drought-like conditions of July and August.  Funny how mother nature knows just when to provide! Almost overnight, parking is a dream, no lines for breakfast and lunch, and we can actually have a real conversation with people we have merely glimpsed over the past two months.

To most island people, September is the favorite month; the weather is perfect, the ocean is warm, shops are still open (many with great sales on too), and more importantly it’s easy to make restaurant reservations.  If you don’t have school age children it’s the perfect time to visit us and many rental homes have lots of availability and reduced rates.

It’s still busy in the real estate world on Martha’s Vineyard.  Two closings already for Tea Lane Associates this week.  September is a month for making decisions and buyers and sellers are doing just that. Shall we sell? Shall we buy? Shall we rent another year and “see”?  Owners are returning to enjoy September in their second homes and evaluate their 2016 in preparation for 2017.

Will next summer be as busy? What can we do differently to balance our lives here?  Was this really the last year that the Obamas will vacation on the Vineyard? (we dont think so!)

One thing we do know, (and there something kind of reassuring about it), is that we will be here doing it all over again in 2017. 

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