Housing Bank supporters head to the State House


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Housing Bank supporters head to the State House

We have written before about our company founder, Eleanor Pearlson,  The daughter of an immigrant grocer in Cambridge, she survived the great depression and went on to do many good things for social justice and more, including joining the Navy in World War II.

The quote below is taken from an article written about Eleanor in 2006 when she was 85.  She would be 102 this year. 

she was "An old leftie, a fighter for social justice, she’s also a free market businesswoman. She thinks the Island has enough

open space, but what we do with it is important. She’s all for affordable housing. She starts talking about creating

cluster housing with open space around them, “like in Europe”. She gets excited". (Marjorie Potts, Porch Talk 2006)

Read the whole article on Our Founders page here

eleanor pearson

We know if she were alive today she would be joining us in Boston next Wednesday for the rally at the state house for the MV Housing Bank.